“Feel Great” Weight

Good Morning!

Parents left this morning! So Scout woke me up at 6:30 when they walked out the door with his outrageous barking, and then of course I realized I was starving so I got up and created this amazing breakfast from my recipe book:

Oatmeal-crusted banana stuffed french toast with blueberries yum! And a glass of skim milk. Last night I was up until about 11:30 and got starving watching Pretty Little Liars so I snuck a little snack of green tea, apple juice, and some apple sauce heated up with cinnamon! I read somewhere that you could fake an apple pie by doing this

So I was reading my favorite blog this morning, Carrots n’ Cake, and the blogger, Tina Haupert writes articles for Health magazine that I follow obsessively. I really would love to meet her someday. But anyways she wrote about your  “Feel Great Weight” today.

She has some great advice, and I love her definition about what your Feel Great Weight should feel like. I think that I am at my feel great weight right now, I am just nervous that since I am stopping all physical activity, I am going to lose it. I am trying to eat better, but I really love to eat and I love my sweets so it is hard. It is a challenge! I am still going to be doing strength exercises so hopefully that helps keep my metabolism up.

I mean I stress about my thighs and my abnormally large behind and of course the always present cellulite, but I really do have a strong, great body that I should be proud of. I have worked hard for it. Now I just need to rest and take care of it.

I am off to make cupcakes for my friends birthday, she is visiting tonight! Enjoy the beautiful weather


Beach Bums!


So a quickie recap. Haircut! Told the new lady to just do whatever she wanted, basically she told me my hair sucks and I need to start doing something with it haha. So we got some trimmage, some texturizing, some snippage, a few little bangs, and some curling which stayed for oh, maybe 2 minutes tops. But anyways here it is!

Me with Peaberry’s Chai tea latte after. It was a rainy Monday and I was craving one, so good!

Last night I had PT (physical therapy) for my knee but I will explain more about that later, no time now. Then made dinner! Asian Pasta Stir Fry was on the menu last night, it was a recipe I found in Health magazine I believe. I added some chicken sausage to it and it turned out great! The fresh pineapple was a nice touch.

Then my friend asked me to go see Captain America! Of course he wanted to get some TCBY first, since I have been talking about it non stop for the past like week or so. And have eaten it basically every night for the past oh, week or so. yuck! But I could not resist sooo I tried to go the healthier option this time!

Blackberry frozen yogurt with grapefruit sorbet, granola, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and yogurt covered raisins yum! Of course I did still sneak half of a reeses in line. Cant be perfect. The movie was cute too! Kinda corny but I enjoyed it. Went home and passed out because this morning got up at the crack of dawn to go the beach!!

Breakfast: English muffin with almond butter and banana, apple juice

Snack: cheese stick and nature valley honey oat granola bar

Lunch: Fed to us by Sarah’s friends awesome family! Sandwich with lettuce tomato, turkey, cheese, mustard. Some tuna macaroni salad, some potato salad, a pickle, a shish kabob with tomato and fresh mozzarella… and possibly one or two of these yummy chocolate oatmeal coconut cookies. ugh i know. lets just say my tummy was exploding over my bikini!

Was a total beach bum today. No physical exercise what so ever! Which I guess is good for my knee right? It still hurt today though 😦 wah. So all I did was lay around, read magazines and get super burnt!

Ouch! I sure do love my magazines though, especially my health ones. I do not even want to know how many I have slaved over this summer! I just love all of the advice and health facts and recipes.

This post is so long! To wrap it up quick dinner was fast, made by Mom who is in a frenzy packing for her trip to Oregon with my Dad tomorrow! Which means house to myself wooo wooo 😉

Tortellini and spaghetti with pasta sauce, meatballs, and green beans! And vanilla soy milk. Oh and I forgot to add that Sarah and Meg desperately wanted to stop for ice cream on the way home from the beach (ugh more ice cream) soo I got some black raspberry chocolate chip frozen yogurt! I am officially on a break with frozen yogurt. A long break. I hope.

Well I am off to ice my knee and nurse my burns! Busy day tomorrow full of errands and playing at night 😉 have a great evening!!

Rainy Dry Summer Day

Such a blah day! I do not know what to do with myself! Besides eat and publish all the food I am eating in blog posts apparently. This is the first rainy gross day we have had in awhile though, lately it has been hot hot hot! Well anyways here is lunch today:

Turkey burger with tomato, lettuce and goat cheese on a sandwich thin! With a pickle and almond milk on the side yum yumm! I will update about my doctors appointment later, but basically I strained my MCL and have to go see a knee specialist! boo. Physical therapy later today though! Here is a before picture before my haircut:

It will be interesting to see what I decide to do with it last minute! I am off enjoy your rainy dreary Monday!

Too Much Time On My Hands!

Ok so now that there is basically no gym time for me, I have a feeling that I will be posting a lot.

So, here are my new goals to follow while I am crippled: (is that alright to say in a blog)??

1. Ice three times a day
2. Smaller breakfasts
3. Less peanut butter
4. Healthier sized snacks
5. Get a good book (The Help?)
6. Ask for more hours at work
7. Apply to Starbucks!
8. Figure out my crazy Uconn class schedule
9. Be happy and content with my situation, take advantage of it!

And that is all. Now off to the doctors. Then new hair cut finally yippie!

A Time of Rest.

Injured. My knee is injured. No running. No biking even. Not for a very long time. My dreams of running the ING Hartford half marathon on my birthday may have to be put off yet another year. But I will complete it, someday. I need to face the facts. Resting now so that my knee can be better for the future is what really matters. I have my whole life ahead of me to complete races. Right now I need to focus on resting, icing, and trying to find other ways to channel this energy and keep the calories from creeping on. All I really want to say is WAAAHHHHHH.

But this is a challenge. A challenge that I am ready to complete. I will watch what I eat. I will eat healthy. I will not obsess over food. I will take lots of walks. While I have to put my favorite forms of exercise on the back burner, I can still lift weights and work on the nutrition aspect. Hopefully not running as much will mean I will not be as hungry so often. I really need to ask the doctor about this problem. Do you think that it means I have a fast metabolism? That would be nice.

So. Day One of this Journey begins. Lets start with breakfast:

I woke up wanting eggs today! Which was strange. Usually it is oatmeal, english muffin or cereal for me for breakfast. And always with peanut butter and banana. Those are main staples in my breakfast diet. But today, I wanted eggs! I credit it to the amazing breakfast sandwich I created for lunch yesterday. I had to remake it today.

Yum! I think it is the honey wheat fresh bread that I found at Whole Foods the other day, I am obsessed with it. That and goat cheese are my new recent obsessions. I CRAVE them. Is that weird? Anyways the bread made the sandwich. But now it is all gone 😦 I will definitly be making a trip to Whole Foods when my parents are gone. I will pick up some fish as well, I can only cook fish when my mom is out of the house because she hates the smell. And I have so many good fish recipes!

the eggs look a little odd don’t they?? And of course I had my usual cup of coffee. But today I spiced it up a bit I had a caffe latte! Half hot vanilla soy milk and half Starbucks coffee. Yummm! I am trying to limit myself to one cup of coffee a day. Lets see how this goes haha

Wow I really need to get myself a camera, that lighting is terrible! Which means getting more hours at Dunkin Donuts woo hoo! Well I am off to get ready to go to the doctors to see what this knee problem is all about! Hopefully I get some answers, wish me luck! 🙂

All Over the Place

“Hello World” as this blog sample began.

My first post on my first blog! I am new to this so bear with me please. I suppose I still have to make a section to describe what this blog is about but here is the short version! I love to run, I am obsessed with working out and eating. Trust me, I love to eat, and I can eat a lot! And it is a problem. This blog may start all over the place but hopefully as I get adjusted I will be able to narrow it down some. Here it is:

I want to run more half marathons, eventually leading up to marathons, and this will be my training journal.

I need to find new exercises and ways of healthy eating while I get past my current knee injury (more on that later) and feed my endorphin cravings with things other than running!

I want to log everything that I eat. I currently count calories, (such a pain in the butt), and I have come to realize that I consume ALOT! I am a very healthy eater, but I do like to enjoy my desserts, chocolate, and wine (shh!). Hence the name, run, whine, and dine!

I am always, always hungry and I have no idea why! It does not help my need to consume less calories. I also want to attempt to tame this problem.

So this is my halfway through summer project! Hopefully I can keep it up through the school year.

Just wanted to give you the basics, more to come later!