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All Over the Place

“Hello World” as this blog sample began.

My first post on my first blog! I am new to this so bear with me please. I suppose I still have to make a section to describe what this blog is about but here is the short version! I love to run, I am obsessed with working out and eating. Trust me, I love to eat, and I can eat a lot! And it is a problem. This blog may start all over the place but hopefully as I get adjusted I will be able to narrow it down some. Here it is:

I want to run more half marathons, eventually leading up to marathons, and this will be my training journal.

I need to find new exercises and ways of healthy eating while I get past my current knee injury (more on that later) and feed my endorphin cravings with things other than running!

I want to log everything that I eat. I currently count calories, (such a pain in the butt), and I have come to realize that I consume ALOT! I am a very healthy eater, but I do like to enjoy my desserts, chocolate, and wine (shh!). Hence the name, run, whine, and dine!

I am always, always hungry and I have no idea why! It does not help my need to consume less calories. I also want to attempt to tame this problem.

So this is my halfway through summer project! Hopefully I can keep it up through the school year.

Just wanted to give you the basics, more to come later!


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