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A Time of Rest.

Injured. My knee is injured. No running. No biking even. Not for a very long time. My dreams of running the ING Hartford half marathon on my birthday may have to be put off yet another year. But I will complete it, someday. I need to face the facts. Resting now so that my knee can be better for the future is what really matters. I have my whole life ahead of me to complete races. Right now I need to focus on resting, icing, and trying to find other ways to channel this energy and keep the calories from creeping on. All I really want to say is WAAAHHHHHH.

But this is a challenge. A challenge that I am ready to complete. I will watch what I eat. I will eat healthy. I will not obsess over food. I will take lots of walks. While I have to put my favorite forms of exercise on the back burner, I can still lift weights and work on the nutrition aspect. Hopefully not running as much will mean I will not be as hungry so often. I really need to ask the doctor about this problem. Do you think that it means I have a fast metabolism? That would be nice.

So. Day One of this Journey begins. Lets start with breakfast:

I woke up wanting eggs today! Which was strange. Usually it is oatmeal, english muffin or cereal for me for breakfast. And always with peanut butter and banana. Those are main staples in my breakfast diet. But today, I wanted eggs! I credit it to the amazing breakfast sandwich I created for lunch yesterday. I had to remake it today.

Yum! I think it is the honey wheat fresh bread that I found at Whole Foods the other day, I am obsessed with it. That and goat cheese are my new recent obsessions. I CRAVE them. Is that weird? Anyways the bread made the sandwich. But now it is all gone 😦 I will definitly be making a trip to Whole Foods when my parents are gone. I will pick up some fish as well, I can only cook fish when my mom is out of the house because she hates the smell. And I have so many good fish recipes!

the eggs look a little odd don’t they?? And of course I had my usual cup of coffee. But today I spiced it up a bit I had a caffe latte! Half hot vanilla soy milk and half Starbucks coffee. Yummm! I am trying to limit myself to one cup of coffee a day. Lets see how this goes haha

Wow I really need to get myself a camera, that lighting is terrible! Which means getting more hours at Dunkin Donuts woo hoo! Well I am off to get ready to go to the doctors to see what this knee problem is all about! Hopefully I get some answers, wish me luck! 🙂


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