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Beach Bums!


So a quickie recap. Haircut! Told the new lady to just do whatever she wanted, basically she told me my hair sucks and I need to start doing something with it haha. So we got some trimmage, some texturizing, some snippage, a few little bangs, and some curling which stayed for oh, maybe 2 minutes tops. But anyways here it is!

Me with Peaberry’s Chai tea latte after. It was a rainy Monday and I was craving one, so good!

Last night I had PT (physical therapy) for my knee but I will explain more about that later, no time now. Then made dinner! Asian Pasta Stir Fry was on the menu last night, it was a recipe I found in Health magazine I believe. I added some chicken sausage to it and it turned out great! The fresh pineapple was a nice touch.

Then my friend asked me to go see Captain America! Of course he wanted to get some TCBY first, since I have been talking about it non stop for the past like week or so. And have eaten it basically every night for the past oh, week or so. yuck! But I could not resist sooo I tried to go the healthier option this time!

Blackberry frozen yogurt with grapefruit sorbet, granola, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and yogurt covered raisins yum! Of course I did still sneak half of a reeses in line. Cant be perfect. The movie was cute too! Kinda corny but I enjoyed it. Went home and passed out because this morning got up at the crack of dawn to go the beach!!

Breakfast: English muffin with almond butter and banana, apple juice

Snack: cheese stick and nature valley honey oat granola bar

Lunch: Fed to us by Sarah’s friends awesome family! Sandwich with lettuce tomato, turkey, cheese, mustard. Some tuna macaroni salad, some potato salad, a pickle, a shish kabob with tomato and fresh mozzarella… and possibly one or two of these yummy chocolate oatmeal coconut cookies. ugh i know. lets just say my tummy was exploding over my bikini!

Was a total beach bum today. No physical exercise what so ever! Which I guess is good for my knee right? It still hurt today though 😦 wah. So all I did was lay around, read magazines and get super burnt!

Ouch! I sure do love my magazines though, especially my health ones. I do not even want to know how many I have slaved over this summer! I just love all of the advice and health facts and recipes.

This post is so long! To wrap it up quick dinner was fast, made by Mom who is in a frenzy packing for her trip to Oregon with my Dad tomorrow! Which means house to myself wooo wooo 😉

Tortellini and spaghetti with pasta sauce, meatballs, and green beans! And vanilla soy milk. Oh and I forgot to add that Sarah and Meg desperately wanted to stop for ice cream on the way home from the beach (ugh more ice cream) soo I got some black raspberry chocolate chip frozen yogurt! I am officially on a break with frozen yogurt. A long break. I hope.

Well I am off to ice my knee and nurse my burns! Busy day tomorrow full of errands and playing at night 😉 have a great evening!!


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