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“Feel Great” Weight

Good Morning!

Parents left this morning! So Scout woke me up at 6:30 when they walked out the door with his outrageous barking, and then of course I realized I was starving so I got up and created this amazing breakfast from my recipe book:

Oatmeal-crusted banana stuffed french toast with blueberries yum! And a glass of skim milk. Last night I was up until about 11:30 and got starving watching Pretty Little Liars so I snuck a little snack of green tea, apple juice, and some apple sauce heated up with cinnamon! I read somewhere that you could fake an apple pie by doing this

So I was reading my favorite blog this morning, Carrots n’ Cake, and the blogger, Tina Haupert writes articles for Health magazine that I follow obsessively. I really would love to meet her someday. But anyways she wrote about your  “Feel Great Weight” today.

She has some great advice, and I love her definition about what your Feel Great Weight should feel like. I think that I am at my feel great weight right now, I am just nervous that since I am stopping all physical activity, I am going to lose it. I am trying to eat better, but I really love to eat and I love my sweets so it is hard. It is a challenge! I am still going to be doing strength exercises so hopefully that helps keep my metabolism up.

I mean I stress about my thighs and my abnormally large behind and of course the always present cellulite, but I really do have a strong, great body that I should be proud of. I have worked hard for it. Now I just need to rest and take care of it.

I am off to make cupcakes for my friends birthday, she is visiting tonight! Enjoy the beautiful weather


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