I did the elliptical this morning!!! 35 minutes of sweaty heaven with no knee pain! I am a happy girl. And after that it was an intense 75 minutes of power yoga, I was sweaty!

Before the gym though this was a fun breakfast

Carrot cake oatmeal! It has oats, vanilla soy milk, carrot pieces, walnuts, brown sugar, and cinnamon. I got it off of Tina’s Carrots n Cake blog, which I am obsessed with. I need to learn how to put links to blogs, all of this stuff is tricky.
After the gym I came home and made myself a shake of espresso, a banana, chocolate vitamin powder, and vanilla soy milk. It was tasty!

Now I am snacking on a lunch of a wheat wrap with pork, goat cheese and lettuce, and some cherries and more soy milk.

I have work tonight 2 to close, and then have to work tomorrow morning 6-2. yippie! oh well I need this paycheck. and then hopefully some back to school shopping, enjoy the rest of your saturday!


Quest for new workouts!


Breakfast at 5 am this morning before work

-Irish oatmeal packet with a tbsp of maple syrup and some blueberries, also half of a grape fruit

-I am trying to take it easy on the peanut butter now that I am not doing much physical activity

Lunch at DD:

-lots of green tea

-honey nature valley granola bar

-avocado and turkey sandwich

-gala apple


Dinner = SUSHI! yum yummm it has been way too long

did a body pump class tonight… first one ever! It was fun, but I used too light of a weight. relaxing tonight and then power yoga in the morning! Yay for finding other ways to get out of my work out stress… MRI results should be in next week!


Bummin’ It

Hello! I just returned from a visit to the cape, which is part of the reason why I have been so MIA. I was visiting my best friend in Eastham, and along the way I stopped for dinner at my old roommates house and saw her family! It was a great trip. And it also somehow turned into a sample of every ice coffee made in New England basically.


I had read about Marylou’s coffee in another blog and I just had to find one to try it! On the way there I got peanut butter wonderful and on the way back I had copa banana. Preferred the banana one much more! I am a sucker for bananas.

The Cape was beautiful and so relaxing! Just what I needed to get my mind over my knee injury.


So I have been resting it for almost two weeks now. This means no running, biking, elliptical, nothing. I have been weight training and doing some leg strengthening exercises, but nothing that makes it hurt.

Today I saw an orthopedic surgeon and I am finally getting an MRI on it tomorrow!!! 🙂 maybe now I can finally figure out what is wrong with it.

Workout today:

1. Upper body weights

2. Lower body weights, (successfully did squats, but no lunges)

3 . Ab workout

4. Walked the dog

I was sweating and happy! Off to do errands and ice the knee, enjoy the afternoon!