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Bummin’ It

Hello! I just returned from a visit to the cape, which is part of the reason why I have been so MIA. I was visiting my best friend in Eastham, and along the way I stopped for dinner at my old roommates house and saw her family! It was a great trip. And it also somehow turned into a sample of every ice coffee made in New England basically.


I had read about Marylou’s coffee in another blog and I just had to find one to try it! On the way there I got peanut butter wonderful and on the way back I had copa banana. Preferred the banana one much more! I am a sucker for bananas.

The Cape was beautiful and so relaxing! Just what I needed to get my mind over my knee injury.


So I have been resting it for almost two weeks now. This means no running, biking, elliptical, nothing. I have been weight training and doing some leg strengthening exercises, but nothing that makes it hurt.

Today I saw an orthopedic surgeon and I am finally getting an MRI on it tomorrow!!! 🙂 maybe now I can finally figure out what is wrong with it.

Workout today:

1. Upper body weights

2. Lower body weights, (successfully did squats, but no lunges)

3 . Ab workout

4. Walked the dog

I was sweating and happy! Off to do errands and ice the knee, enjoy the afternoon!


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