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I did the elliptical this morning!!! 35 minutes of sweaty heaven with no knee pain! I am a happy girl. And after that it was an intense 75 minutes of power yoga, I was sweaty!

Before the gym though this was a fun breakfast

Carrot cake oatmeal! It has oats, vanilla soy milk, carrot pieces, walnuts, brown sugar, and cinnamon. I got it off of Tina’s Carrots n Cake blog, which I am obsessed with. I need to learn how to put links to blogs, all of this stuff is tricky.
After the gym I came home and made myself a shake of espresso, a banana, chocolate vitamin powder, and vanilla soy milk. It was tasty!

Now I am snacking on a lunch of a wheat wrap with pork, goat cheese and lettuce, and some cherries and more soy milk.

I have work tonight 2 to close, and then have to work tomorrow morning 6-2. yippie! oh well I need this paycheck. and then hopefully some back to school shopping, enjoy the rest of your saturday!


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