Back at it?

HA. Wow. It was a whole year ago I once tried to become a blogger, by starting this blog to whine about my knee injury. So much has happened since then. I am not that little girl anymore. That may sound too wise and mature for the ages, and I am only 20 years old, but the events of this past year have forced to evolve and become the confident, independent woman that i am proud to be today.

Ok enough with the sap and weirdness. I am in Albany, with a big girl internship at GE Capital Real Estate. I have lost 12 (ish) pounds, won two scholarships, achieved this internship and a 3.9 recent semester GPA, gained 5 more half marathon experiences under my belt and a duathlon, fallen in love with my bike, and broke my PR that I gained one year ago at the Amica Ironhorse half marathon. I am 4 weeks into my marathon training, and my running becomes better with every passing day. I know how to cook healthy dinners, pack yummy lunches, and I finally have my own apartment at school next year. I have discovered the food staples in my diet and I have decreased the size of my stomach. My six pack is still a work in progress. I have formed new friendships and strengthened past ones, and I have become closer than ever to my parents, the two people who love me unconditionally and have supported me through every single one of my crazy ventures. I am homesick thinking of them now, and miss them more than any 20 year old should. My mom is my best friend, and I am not ashamed to say that (just feel a little silly). I am more than happy with how my life has progressed, and I live every day making sure to do what I love and stay smiling. I am an organized neat freak and an annoying, anal perfectionist.  But I would not have it any other way.

My goals for the rest of the summer. Finish out the last three weeks of this internship with a bang. Finalize my project, do not be scared to ask to take on new projects, figure out what I want to be doing at this time next year. Apply to a GE leadership program, but also consider other options. Sort out of my feelings for a certain intern, and for a yearning for the past. Do not get caught up in being lonely and settle for something that could possibly be just that, settling. Look forward to a weeks vacation on the beach with my family, and the anticipation of preparing for senior year. Get everything together for the new apartment, and try not to stress out too much during that last week of summer. Try to save some money too, and have it last at least the school year until I have a real job again (hopefully).

Enjoy the marathon training. You are working hard and you deserve every mile and will enjoy every muscle cramp and ache, every drip of sweat and pain of fatigue. It will be the experience and accomplishment of a lifetime, and there will be many more to come. That I am sure of. Continue reading your beloved blogs, and maybe, just maybe, continue your own blog. Hey, you sure have the time now, so why not? Keep pining for the weights and strength training, and wishing you had the finances to regularly attend Crossfit. Just know, that this year it probably wont happen, but you will get your muscle and strength definition back soon, with the free UConn gym weights. It will be fun to attend all the classes and get back into a fitness schedule.

Enjoy every moment and do not take any of this for granted. You are exactly where you need to be. Now use this blog to get all those jumbled, need-to-be-organized thoughts out on paper (or internet), and know that you are crazy. and a very odd and not very normal 20 year old college student. But thats what makes you, you. Be proud.