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Short-term goals

Hello! I do not know who, if anyone, is out there reading this blog and my posts, and if you are, I apologize for the posts being so frazzlied, disorganized, and non consistent. Lets just say it is a work in progress. I guess I am still trying to figure out if this blog is something that I really want to pursue. I love reading blogs and have always wanted to start my own, but I know that they can be very time consuming. I have had some time this summer, but with the fall semester picking up soon and new classes and job hunts (yikes) who knows if I will have enough time. I do love to take pictures of my food though. So I have that going for me I suppose.

Well over the next few days I might take the time to edit my About Me page, and then maybe this blog will actually get underway. I  need a focus. Obviously it will be about running, which is what consumes my thoughts 93% of the day. The other 7% would probably be food and what I am going to eat for breakfast or cook for dinner. So that is a start. Running, cooking, food. I love to bike, but unfortunetly do not have much time for it as I cant bring my road bike to school with me. I love to strength train. I develop a 3 day a week lifting schedule once I am at school. I really want to get back into Crossfit, but unfortunelty I do not think that will be possible on my college student budget. So there we have it. Running, cooking, food, biking, lifting. My dream someday is to do a triathlon. I will have to get used to swimming again in order for that to happen.

So let me start off with my current and short term goals for the next few months. (I promise the next post will be more exciting and visually appealing with pictures)!

In no particular order:

  • Keep up with my training plan for the big 26.2
  • Get back into free weights and strenth training at school
  • Enjoy my week vacation on the Cape
  • Weigh 120 by the time fall semester begins (4 pounds to go!)
  • Spend money wisely.. make it last
  • Apply to a GE leadership program
  • Plan something fun for my 21st birthday
  • Go to Canada over Labor Day weekend
  • Do a Warrior Dash
  • Read Happiness at Home (any Happiness Project fans out there?)
  • Limit pasta and red meat intake to once a week

Don’t worry, my About Me page will include lots more fun facts about me 🙂 And some pictures I promise. I am an organization nerd so I am always making lists in my head and itching to write them out somewhere, you  should see the Notepad app in my phone. So this blog will serve as the perfect template to express all my crazy lists and antics. Your welcome! Thank you to anyone out there who has decided, for some reason I cannot comprehend, to take 10 minutes out of their day to read this post. But really, I do appreciate you 🙂 Happy reading!


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