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Burpees and ugly sweet potatoes

Hi! Thank goodness it is Friday. This has been a long, slow week. I present my final intern project next week in Fairfield, CT at GE’s headquarters, and then I am doneeeee! And off to the Cape with the family for what should be a glorious week long vacation on the beach with sharks. Apparently lots of them. Good thing we are staying in Chatham on the ocean side… I don’t mind though, give me a book, my bathing suit, the sun, a towel and good drink and I am content on the beach for the day.

This morning I took a break from running and did some burpees! Well specifically I used my Nike Training app on my iphone and did a 30 min boot camp with lots of jumping jacks, pushups (I can do 20 before I die), mountain climbers, squats, lunges, and buuuurpeeeees! My favvvv. Well its a love hate relationship. They are so good for you but they suck. so hard. Here is an example of a burpee if you think I am crazy and have never heard that strange word before in your life:

Do 5 of these babies and you will be breathing hard. Unless your superman and in crazy good shape, then lucky you. You need to find a harder workout.

I have my long run planned for tomorrow morning, 12 miles! I haven’t run that far since my last half marathon over two months ago. I’m pretty excited for this one though because I get to try out this new investment that I picked up after work today:

Finally my very own fanny pack fueling belt! I have been putting off getting one of these because 1) I always thought they looked funny 2) I made fun of people for wearing them 3) they look funny. But on my last long run when I was dying for a sip of water or even better, gatorade, or strangely enough, apple juice (weird mid-run craving) I caved and decided it was time. Plus, if I am going to be taking pictures for this blog for you on my runs, I need a nice pocket to put my iphone in! And with my training runs getting longer and longer each weekend, I know that I am going to have to start drinking gatorade or taking those GU gels, to get in some form of sugar and carbs. Does anyone know at what point during your long run your supposed to start taking in carbs? Is it 45 min in? How about water? (Feel free to please answer me in the comments, as you can see, I am lacking in the comment category). Tomorrow I figure I will just bring along some water and sip it when I start to feel thirsty and see what happens. Hows that for a game plan?

Here I am modeling my new accessory for your viewing pleasure: 

Soo on top of this I really need new shoes. I love my running shoes, I went to Fleet Feet awhile back when I was having knee problems and they fit me with the Nike Lunarglide+ 3 and I became obsessed with them. I have not looked at another pair of running shoes since. It didnt hurt that they were a beautiful neon green and grey and attracted a lot of attention, and when they became worn after about 500 miles, I replaced them with the exact same pair. And then I replaced them again. Well its been about 400 miles since and I am due for a new pair. Excepttttt Nike decided to make them even better and now they have the Nike Lunarglide+ 4, which apparently are lighter and fit snuggier and will make you run speedier. Ummm I want them! I am going to order them online, but unsure which color is my favorite. I am leaning towards either the white with yellow or the grey with yellow. Here the white:

I would just be afraid that white would get dirty! With these shoes, my new awesome belt, and my Oakley sunglasses I am gonna be decked out at my next half marathon!

So I will leave you now with a picture of my lovely dinner.

 Grilled chicken, quinoa, and baked sweet potato with greek yogurt and cinnamon. Taken on my beautiful plate with my ghetto paper towel napkin. It doesn’t look great but actually tasted really good. Check out this nasty looking picture of my sweet potato:

I warned you… weird food habits! It was actually really tasty and got the job done. Time to go but don’t worry, i’ll be back tomorrow with a recap of my 12 miler and ill make sure to include a picture of the fanny pack in action! I am also going to discuss how to properly fuel before a long run, and what my go-to breakfast is. What I need to work on though, is how to fuel after. Is anyone a fueling expert?

Do you have a love-hate relationship with burpees?

Do you bring water/gatorade/GU’s on your long runs with you? At what point during the run do you take them?

What do you normally eat before a run? After?

Any other sweet potato fans out there?


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