Power Outages to Paninis

So this day started out with a power outage. 7am my fan popped off and woke me up to the lovely reality that our power was out.

ClassHungover. Not fun. (Reminder to self – limit Wednesday night Karaoke nights if you want to be prepped and ready to go for Thirsty Thursday)

Run – Amazing, head-clearing, endorphin-filled 8 miles. Feel like a brand new person. At 8:12 pace! Tried to make it a slow, easy run but that obviously did not happen.

Dinner – mouth-watering apple and brie cheese panini. Picture will be coming. Paninis are awesome.

Kara is visiting, and its Sarah’s first bar night as a 21 year old. This is going to be a good night. I will have stories tomorrow…


Hump Day

Wahoooo this week is half over! Karaoke tonight at Teds with the ladies.

Yesterday was a boring day. 5 mile run, classes, work, home, relaxing bonding night with the roomie. We watched Pretty Little Liars and ate TJ’s peppercorn pork tenderloin yumm.

Workout: Finally made it out for a tempo run!! Well, made it to the treadmill. Chest and back for strength, some legs mixed in, and 6 mile tempo, 3 @ 7:30 with 800m rest inbetween. It was a great run, no achy knee pain.

Breakfast: delicious fried egg, goat cheese, avocado, and pesto sandwich on Ezekiel bread. Nom.


In other random weird news I feel the need to document…. Cardio Express scale said I weighed 115 today?! Not sure how that can be possible/true? And the scale zeroed… Im baffled. I am already down 20 pounds in a year. This is crazy!

Dinner: Pesto salmon with tomato, yellow bell pepper and summer squash on top of bed of quinoa with Oyster Bay wine as a precursor and now as dessert…. yikes, tonight is going to be a good night. Purple grapes as ice cubes, about to add some apples to soak up more of the juiciness and alcohol….

Off to my first night of karaoke at Ted’s! Spice girls… Usher my boo…. JT… JBiebs…. so many options!

Birthday, Wine and Snow!

First things first… HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY to my beautiful ginger best friend i love you so very much and cannot wait to celebrate with you tonight and Wednesday and Thursday and at the CASINO this weekend!!!! Here she is:


Always ready to drink!! Cupcake Angel Food wine, Candy Apple Martinis, Pesto crockpot chicken, sweet potatoes and quinoa on the menu for tonight 🙂 Topped off with Biggest Loser.

Workout: reunited with my beautiful spin shoes this morning for class! Going to try and get back on the regular Monday morning 7am spin class routine.


Breakfast: Vanilla Cinnamon Protein Pancake with blueberries and copious amounts of (unpictured) almond butter:


Highlights of today: Snow. One class. Crockpot magic. Sarah’s lovely birthday and copious amounts of yummy wine with apples and martinis.

The Spread: Buffalo pulled chicken, celery, brie cheese, wheat crackers, and Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc with apples.



Crockpot pesto mozzarella chicken with sweet potatoes. Caramel Apple Martinis for dessert. Yumm classy dinner night over here.



Not A Sleepy Sunday

Sarah’s suprise birthday party last night, was a big success! Adrian made an adorable and delicious strawberry yogurt-cream cheese frosted cake. Her big 21st birthday is tomorrow! The birthday girls:



Sleep in on Sundays? Who does that? Up and at em’ for an early morning date with Argus at Starbucks.

Marathon training: 16 miles (!!!!) completed. Stomach had nervous butterflies prior too, but it was successfully enjoyable. I am still surprised, and impressed. I am ready for this marathon!

Details: 16.59 miles, total time 2:26:05. Average pace 8:48!!

I don’t have a time goal for this marathon… just reallyyy want to finish semi-pain free and able to walk around D.C the next day. (Secretly I am wishing and hoping for a Boston qualifying time, but nobody has to know that)

Its Sunday – meal planning day! I went crazy on my grocery shopping last weekend (aka way over budget) so this week is all about using what I have and making it stretch.

Whats for Dinner? Week of 1/27

Sunday: Chicken Sausage, Spinach, and TJ’s Gnocchi (a favorite go-to!)

Monday: Crockpot Pesto Mozzarella Chicken, Butternut Squash

Tuesday: Roasted Peppercorn Pork Tenderloin, Quinoa salad

Wednesday: Pesto Salmon with Summer Squash and Peppers on Quinoa

Thursday: Sushi night with the ladies 🙂

Friday: Crockpot BBQ Pulled Pork

Saturday: Mushroom, Ricotta and Spinach Pizza

I am absolutely loving this Crockpot that Santa sent me for Christmas. I told my Mom, you know that your getting old when you start getting kitchen appliances for Christmas. That is a flying flag and red alarm right there. But its humorous, and im the proud owner of a fancy new crockpot.


I’ll be back later with a picture of tonight’s Gnocchi dish! Insta-grammed for your viewing pleasure.


Documented: First weekend back of my last semester of college. ever. Spring semester 2013. Heavenly, fluffy and syrupy blueberry and apple oatmeal pancake breakfast at the Wooden Spoon with Chelsea this morning. Cross that one off the semester to-do list. Drowned my hangover in coffee and soaked up any excess sugar cookie shots still swimming in my liver. Shambles. A drunken weekend. Time to get my life back in order. Starting with reorganizing this blog!

Off to shop with the best friend for Sarah’s birthday. Definitely sober driving it tonight… ill leave you with a mouthwatering picture of said gorgeous pancakes.


and my girls. It was a good night.