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Birthday, Wine and Snow!

First things first… HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY to my beautiful ginger best friend i love you so very much and cannot wait to celebrate with you tonight and Wednesday and Thursday and at the CASINO this weekend!!!! Here she is:


Always ready to drink!! Cupcake Angel Food wine, Candy Apple Martinis, Pesto crockpot chicken, sweet potatoes and quinoa on the menu for tonight 🙂 Topped off with Biggest Loser.

Workout: reunited with my beautiful spin shoes this morning for class! Going to try and get back on the regular Monday morning 7am spin class routine.


Breakfast: Vanilla Cinnamon Protein Pancake with blueberries and copious amounts of (unpictured) almond butter:


Highlights of today: Snow. One class. Crockpot magic. Sarah’s lovely birthday and copious amounts of yummy wine with apples and martinis.

The Spread: Buffalo pulled chicken, celery, brie cheese, wheat crackers, and Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc with apples.



Crockpot pesto mozzarella chicken with sweet potatoes. Caramel Apple Martinis for dessert. Yumm classy dinner night over here.




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