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Hump Day

Wahoooo this week is half over! Karaoke tonight at Teds with the ladies.

Yesterday was a boring day. 5 mile run, classes, work, home, relaxing bonding night with the roomie. We watched Pretty Little Liars and ate TJ’s peppercorn pork tenderloin yumm.

Workout: Finally made it out for a tempo run!! Well, made it to the treadmill. Chest and back for strength, some legs mixed in, and 6 mile tempo, 3 @ 7:30 with 800m rest inbetween. It was a great run, no achy knee pain.

Breakfast: delicious fried egg, goat cheese, avocado, and pesto sandwich on Ezekiel bread. Nom.


In other random weird news I feel the need to document…. Cardio Express scale said I weighed 115 today?! Not sure how that can be possible/true? And the scale zeroed… Im baffled. I am already down 20 pounds in a year. This is crazy!

Dinner: Pesto salmon with tomato, yellow bell pepper and summer squash on top of bed of quinoa with Oyster Bay wine as a precursor and now as dessert…. yikes, tonight is going to be a good night. Purple grapes as ice cubes, about to add some apples to soak up more of the juiciness and alcohol….

Off to my first night of karaoke at Ted’s! Spice girls… Usher my boo…. JT… JBiebs…. so many options!


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