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Power Outage to Paninis to Peeing

Woke up yesterday morning to my fan clicking off, and a power outage. Circa Hurricane storm, it looked like the world ended outside our apartment. Steph was a diva. I was scared to open the fridge.

Run: 8 miles @ 8:12 pace…. great endorphin-filled stress relieving run.

Dinner: Apple and Brie cheese and Apple Butter panini. Heavenly, cheesy, sweet, melty goodness.


My night: Yikes. Kara visited! Sarah’s first night out at as a 21 year old! And Steph opened a tab. Note to Steph: Stop opening tabs!! It was a great night out with all of the girls! Successful Thirsty Thursday at Thirsties.



So glad that Kara came to visit! I need to see this girl more.

Pee in my closet. Need new boots. Who stands up and drunk pees in someones closet? Almost threw some bunches at 4:22 am.

Breakfast: Finally made my “A Really Good Pancake Recipe”. Banana and chocolate chip and blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes with honey roasted peanut butter nom, perfect way to start the weekend.


Steph quote of the day: “First I need my Ritalin” .

Argus training tomorrow 😦 then CASINOOO HOLAAAAA. Will have some great pics from that!


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