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Sunday Runday

Happy Superbowl Sunday! I was going to make pulled buffalo chicken for the occasion but I had Franks hot sauce on my egg sandwich this morning and it made my long run today 545433x less enjoyable because of it. I’m and idiot and apparently forgot that my stomach does not agree well with hot sauce and consuming it before an 18 mile run is probably NOT good idea…. NOTE TO SELF: no hot sauce before a long run.

I was priding myself on not drinking last night, getting to bed early, eating a healthy breakfast and drinking lots of water, all to prepare for this run. And all that was ruined with the hot sauce. But the run is done!

18.3 miles at 9:14 average pace, total time 2:49!!

New distance PR for me woo! This marathon is actually happening… I have faith!


And since it is Sunday…. meal plan day!

Whats for Dinner? Week of 2/3:

Sunday: Walnut, Goat Cheese, Sun dried tomato Spaghetti (with REAL pasta!)

Monday: Trader Joe’s trip with Sarah

Tuesday: Spaghetti Squash w/ olives and tomatoes

Wednesday: Tomatilla sala BEEF burgers with quinoa, avocado

Thursday: RE Society pasta buffet dinner

Friday: Boston maybe?? If not then BBQ Pulled Pork

Saturday: Pulled Crockpot Salsa Chicken Fajitas

Breakfast this morning: Fabulous egg sandwich


There is the evil hot sauce that I spoke of.

This is going to be a challenging and busy week for me. I have homework to keep up with, a social life to maintain, and an Argus Certification exam to pass on Friday. I am hoping that I can get through this week with a positive attitude! The last thing I want to do is start getting snappy and emotional. Friday I am hopefully heading to Boston with Cleo, which will be so much fun and a great end to the stressful week!


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