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Unexpected Breath of Fresh Air

Argus Exam Postponed. ——–> Good News… Bad News…. unclear at the moment. All I know is that now I have a free night spread out ahead of me and I really need to stop staring at textbooks or a computer screen, my head is going to implode. So what is there to do….

I need some objectives for this weekend to keep me in line and focused.


  • Thursday night shambles
  • Friday Cardo Express
  • Red Wine, make Sweet Baby Cheesus…. http://www.thelondoner.me/2013/02/sweet-baby-cheesus.html —–> (be careful clicking on that link, you will regret it, im telling you)
  • Girls Night
  • Run 20 MILES. gahhh.
  • Try not lose power in Nor Easter Nemo thats headed our way
  • If we get snowed in, enjoy it.
  • Do…. some… homework
  • Crockpot Pulled Buffalo Chicken!

Sounds like a good weekend to me! I only have tonight, a 6 mile run in the morning, class, and a RE Society meeting waiting between me and this weekend. Lets get on with it!

But first we neeeed to recap this dinner from tonight:

Twice Baked Sweet Potato (note to self… bake sweet potato in oven for 35 min first)


We finally made beef burgers! Yummy beefy goodness… gotta get that iron! With tomatilla salsa, avocado, tomato, and fresh mozz. 20130206-193615.jpg


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