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Just Call Me Cookie Monster

Yikes. Just call me the new Cookie Monster. Or cookie gorger. Maybe I have been depriving myself of a rich chocolate chip cookie or maybe hearing Becca talk about them on Skype the other day made me crave them, but whatever the cause that cannot happen again! Came home hammered and made a whole batch of Nestlé chocolate chip cookies and holy moly were they amazing but I think I gorged on three quarters of the batch. Complete with milk for dipping and chugging. Oof. I feel gross today.

My night in pictures since words are lost on me this morning.
I even have cookie finger remnants on my on my phone screen oh boy.



Rewind to earlier that evening, storm preparing for storm NEMO! Baking up a storm:


Morning Glory Muffins (made w/ mashed sweet potato!) and Pumpkin Walnut Muffins, both made with almond flour and no sugar!


Girls night out.



Then this happened.


Detox starting right now: new rule for lent: no fake and processed sugars, especially those in baked goods!!
I already do a pretty good job with this, except when it comes to sweets in baked goods those are my weakness. Give me baked breads and muffins all day yum. I will allow dark chocolate because I need more anti oxidants in my life and that’s very low in sugar but than that I’m cutting myself off. I gave up white potatoes last year for lent and that worked out really well so hopefully that can carry over to this year. Now if only I could get out of bed and throw out the container with the remaining chocolate chip cookies…..

**Edited to Add: Steph and I were at the gym doing casual planks and chatting and the guy next to us was on the phone and told the person he was talking to that he wanted a Samurai roll. As soon as we heard those words “Samurai Roll” we stopped mid conversation and shot a look at each other which both said the exact same thing “omgsamurairollthatsoundsamazingiwantsushsobadlovesushiomgfood” and burst out laughing. Haha you kind of had to be there…. gah hah now prepping for the power outage by getting cozy with food blankets and magazines. Life is good.


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