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Double Day in Honor of Nemo

I was trying not to do two posts in one day… because then I just get sucked in and when I am actually really busy and cant find time to blog I feel guilty because I havent posted. But this day is just so worthy of an extra blog post. I need to recap everything that just happened.

So. Where were we? Snow day. LOTS of snow today. At first I was bummed that meant I couldn’t go to the gym or get in my 20 mile run, but then I realized I needed to take a deep breath and chill and go with the flow. And flow it did.

Steph, Jaime, and I were sick of being cooped up in the apartment and decided to go for a walk. and then decided we wanted sangria. and then decided we should walk to the liquor store. It turned out to be a great plan, fresh air and alcohol.


I bought Baileys. Well knock-off Baileys. Chaileys? And made a irish cream, caramel and cake martini. holy strong! Followed with a glass of Oyster Bay and I was warm and giddy.

Snow Day Spread:

  • SWEET BABY CHEESUS (crescent roll, brie cheese, blackberry preserves)
  • apples, grapes, and strawberries for dipping purposes.

Holy moly. We must recreate this. Genius. Cheesy, sweet, melty goodness. We also each had our own bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and sampled all of them, my Oyster Bay still will always have my heart.


And then burned it all off (hopefully) with a shoveling party. IMG_2139

Fun day! Crockpot Turkey chili is waiting for me to eat tonight, complete with bumming it in front of the TV and resting up for our 20 mile run tomorrow. Yikes….


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