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Unexpected Twists & Turns

New Distance PR Yesterday…

20 miles!! Average pace of 9:14…total time 3:11…. MARATHON here I COME! I am going to try and build up to 22 miles in a few weekends… but this is pretty much the peak of my marathon training at this point, and I feel great!! Hip flexors are sore today but besides that I am good to go, and had a great lifting session with Sarah this morning. I created a new lifting plan… which I will share soon! After the Marathon I am looking forward to concentrating more on lifting and building strength, particularly in my legs. 20130211-131418.jpg


Dinner last night was made with leftover BBQ Pork and Chicken… we made tacos with salsa verde, avocado, guacamole and roasted red peppers yummy… I had some leftover apple and grape sangria as well which went to my head a little too quickly… 20130211-131441.jpg

Grammy snack… ingenious idea of Sarah’s to make dark chocolate covered strawberries. MUST do this again. 20130211-131448.jpg


It was however, a beautiful day for a run. The sun was shining, it was a balmy 39 degrees, with no wind chill. The roads though, were rather unpleasant. Blizzard Nemo left them slushy and snow filled, and some of the paths were unplowed, which forced us to alter our route a few times and trek up some unpleasant hills. I did not think that Steph was going to make it. But this means that our next long run will feel that much easier, right?? 20130211-131433.jpg

Again… I did not think that Steph was going to make it. Haha she made the run and almost did not make it up the stairs. She was pretty pissed by the time we got to the last mile… So I took off and finished it without her. But I kept trying to remind her, that our actual marathon will not be covered in slush and snow and the roads will not be a sleety mess. And we will not encounter miles on miles of mammoth hills. 20130211-131426.jpg

Its Sunday… so its meal plan day! Actually its Monday… but feels like Sunday. Classes were cancelled again because it is sleeting rain out today, and it is starting to freeze and make the roads treacherous for driving. And campus is still completely covered in 3 feet of snow, they need to find somewhere to put it all!

Whats For Dinner? Week of 2/10: 

  • Monday: Turkey burgers at Sarah’s with spinach, walnut, goat cheese salad 
  • Tuesday: Sushi dinner out
  • Wednesday: CREW Dinner Event
  • Thursday: Off to Vermont… Panini’s/Burgers
  • Friday: Vermont!
  • Saturday: Vermont!

As you can see, I will not be doing much cooking this week! Which is good because I neeeed to start spending less on groceries… and then next weekend I am finally getting up to Vermont for some skiing and snowshoeing! I am so excited. It will be nice to see my family also, I miss them.

Punta Cana countdown…. 34 days!!! This means it is time to start the Punta Cana meltdown…and seriously monitoring myself and making sure I do not overdue it on the sweets and alcohol until then. This is for my new bikinis sake, and my health and nutrition for my marathon. So goals for the next 34 days:

  1. No baked goods (giving this up for Lent anyways…)
  2. Lean meats… ground turkey, canned salmon and tuna
  3. Limit Alcohol intake as much as possible
  4. No Pasta
  5. Push-ups in weight routine
  6. Scrambled eggs for breakfast
  7. Work on pull-up!

Those all seem pretty attainable… with the exception of the pull-up, but im going to keep doing the assisted pull-up machine and hopefully a real one will come out of that soon! I want to join a CrossFit box SO bad so that I can train to do one… maybe this summer, when I have the time.

I will do a post with my new Triceps, Biceps, and Shoulders weight day routine! Stay dry all you east coasters!


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