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Crockpot Pulled Buffalo Chicken

Warning: This Post is all about food. If your hungry, either dont read it or go grab a snack, now!

Lets talk about my crockpot. I love this thing so much, my mom told me I am going to burn it out. I got it as a gift from Santa for Christmas, and have probably used it about twice a week since. One of my favorite recipes is the first one I attempted, Pulled Buffalo Chicken. 

Deeeeeelicious. And the leftovers can be used to top salads, go in sandwiches, or make buffalo chicken pizza!

Crockpot Pulled Buffalo Chicken: 

  1. Take package of chicken breasts (I use a package that has 3 breasts and is a little over a pound usually)
  2. Put them in the Crockpot (I usually partially defrost them first in the microwave)
  3. Pour 3/4 of a bottle of FRANKS hot sauce over the chicken breasts —> now this is very important, Franks hot WING sauce is the KEY ingredient to the deliciousness
  4. (Optional) Add in a packet of ranch seasoning
  5. Cover, cook on low for 6 hours
  6. Spoon out chicken, take two forks and literally pull the chicken pieces apart (it should be nice and tender and pull apart easily) (Optional —> take a few bites, drool over the delicious buffalo wing smell)
  7. Put the shredded chicken back in the crockpot and stir, combine with a little more buffalo sauce
  8. Wait 20-30 min or however long you can last, just so shredded chicken and added wing sauce marinate mmmm
  9. Take out chicken, top with some ranch dressing on a toasty bun and have some brie cheese and celery for dipping on the side! (trust me, its a good choice)

Save leftovers for buffalo goodness for the rest of the week!



Example of how great it is on a spread with celery, crackers and brie cheese: 20130213-130227.jpg

Since this post is all about food, I had to include this amazing Trader Joe’s turkey burger that I had at Sarahs the other night, with sweet potato wedges and a spinach, walnut and goat cheese salad —-> BEST combination! 20130213-130246.jpg

And my new breakfast obsession of scrambled eggs atop an english muffin: this will definitely be a new breakfast staple 20130213-130256.jpgWorkout:

Had an AWESOME speedwork run today on the treadmill. I did a ladder workout that ended up being 7 miles total.

  • 1 mile warm up
  • .25 at 8.5 (7:03 pace)
  • .50
  • .75
  • 1.00
  • .75
  • .50
  • .25
  • .50 cool down

All intervals were at 8.5 speed, and I took a .25 break in-between. Definitely got me working and sweating hard! But my legs felt great, even after doing 20 miles on Sunday! I am so proud of them. Looking forward to my 7 mile run tomorrow.


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