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Jawbone Up Pre-Review

Helllllo! Happy Friday! Thank goodness it is the weekend. I got a new toy this week, the Jawbone UP! I have been trying to figure it out this week and I am liking it so far. Its not the most stylish object: 20130227-112204.jpg

For those of you who dont know, the Jawbone UP is a sleep, health and fitness monitor that uses a precision motion sensor and algorithms to track and quantify your steps, distance, calories, active time and idle time based on age, gender, height, weight and duration. It also tracks your sleep patterns throughout the night, such as how long it takes you to fall asleep and how much times throughout the night you wake up. It is pretty cool! 20130227-112231.jpg

Here are some things i’m loving about the UP:

  • It is really cool having a step goal and seeing if I can meet it every day
  • I like the sleep tracking, it shows a graph of when your in deep sleep vs. when your in light sleep, and your total hours of sleep. I am finding that that is pretty accurate.
  • It looks like an awesome space bracelet
  • I like the fact that it shows my resting calories burned, I have always wanted to be able to calculate my basil metabolic rate
  • It vibrates every 30 minutes to tell me I need to get up and move, which was kind of difficult to do at all of the business presentations yesterday, but still a cool reminder nonetheless

A few things I am still apprehensive about/figuring out:

  • The food tracker is a little difficult to use, I may just stick with MyFitness pal, and I keep forgetting to take pictures of my food before I eat it (too quick to eat, typical)
  • I am not entirely certain how accurate the calories burned is, especially the resting, because it doesn’t know my body fat percentage
  • It has been depressing this week since I have been a bump on a log because I am resting my hip (praying that will change this weekend)

But those are my only complaints so far! I love tracking this kind of stuff, so hopefully as my hip heals and I am able to be more active and move around more, I will see some better results. I will keep you posted on the progress!


Yesterday was the UConn Real Estate Center’s annual spring field trip to good old Hartford, CT. Steph, Frankie and I are posed below in our snazzy business clothes. I need to go shopping for some new ones for my INTERNSHIP this summer! It was a long, tiring day, but still fun to spend the day with Steph and network with some old connections. 20130301-074253.jpgAnd of course we came back STARVING and THIRSTY. I was going to heat up some chili, but that was going to take too long and brie cheese and buffalo chicken that needed to be eaten up were calling my name. We layed out a delicious spread of celery, wheat crackers, apples, brie cheese, and pulled buffalo chicken! And the obligatory glass of wine with fruit. Classy, savory dinner.


Traditional Thursday night picture, love my roomie. 20130301-074324.jpgNothing noteworthy about last night. We went out, danced a little dance, drank a little drank, ordered some water at the bar, and got back safely and feel great today. Champs! We are off to the gym soon, and then im headed home for the weekend. I CANT WAIT. But I do need to get some studying done this weekend. Lets hope I can make this happen….



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