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Water Works Weekend & A Tasty Burger

Helloooo. So lets talk about this weekend. It was a really weird weekend for me. Some tears were shed, some inter-looking was done, some (emphasis on the some) family time was enjoyed. This was a roller coaster of emotions weekend for me. Its weird, I am usually a happy person, who doesn’t let the little things get to me. But this weekend I just could not seem to keep it together. I kept unraveling at every bad feeling. You know those kinds of days? But today is Monday and its a new week, with new things to be happy about and new things to look forward to.

Saturday I went to the physical therapist to get my hip evaluated and was told some pretty bad news. I strained my hip flexor, and he was not optimistic about my chances of running a marathon in two weeks. I struggled (emotionally) walking out of that place. I am going to go to regular PT sessions this week so that they can stretch and strengthen and work on it, because right now it is just healed scar tissue that is tight and gets irritated when I try to run. Sunday morning I attempted a 3 mile run and felt pain a mile in, so I know that I am not ready yet. I am just praying that these next two weeks of recovery will allow me to at least run the half marathon in D.C. I am not going to give up hope just yet.

On a happier note, Punta Cana is so close!! I finally went bathing suit shopping. Mum and I hit up the Pink store and Aerie, and I got two new cute bathing suits that actually fit! Here is the one from Pink:


Another plus of the weekend —> reconnected with my baby girl Ellie! I brought her back to school with me and couldn’t be happier. She is so much lighter and fun to drive than the Escape, which felt like a tank. She is so shiny and gorgeous. 20130303-201523.jpg

After my disastrous run on Sunday, I got on the spin bike to get out some pent up anxiety and stress and felt much better. Thank god I can still swim, spin, and lift. When I got back to the apartment Steph and I made our speciality: Turkey Burgers. We have been on a bunless kick, since we have been feeling so bloated from carbs lately. Plus, it is easier to pile on toppings when you eat it with a fork! They were delicious. I had mine with goat cheese, roasted red peppers and avocado, on a leaf lettuce wrap. I also sautéed some brussels sprouts in some coconut oil for the side dish. —> I bought coconut oil last weekend at Trader Joe’s because it has been blowing up around the blog world, and it is sooo yummy to sauté veggies and sweet potatoes in! A tasty, coconutty tropical flavor. 20130303-201530.jpgSince I slacked yesterday, here is the meal plan for this week! I am actually around all weekend this coming weekend, and need to get some serious work done while also making sure to have a little fun! And get things together for Punta Cana!!

Whats for Dinner? Week of 3/3:

Sunday: Turkey Burgers and Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Monday: Pesto Mozzarella Tomato Paninis

Tuesday: Sun-dried tomato, Olive, Mozzarella Pizza

Wednesday: Sarah is making me dinner 🙂

Thursday: Greek Salmon Burger, Roasted Cauliflower

Friday: Salsa Crockpot Chicken for Tacos

Saturday: Sweet Potato Gnocchi

I will be sure to post pics of all my yummy meals! This week sounds like a tasty one 😉 I have a review session for my exam, a PT appointment, and trip to the gym on the agenda for today. Have a good Monday!


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