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Bubbling and Blistering in Punta Cana

So Spring Break part dos. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Oh Boy. How do I even begin to describe the turn for the worse that this vacation endured. It all started out fine and good, we woke up at 3am to catch a 9:00 flight to Punta Cana, arrived, stripped off the jeans and donned the bathing suits, and headed to the pool! We got some tasty drinks and enjoyed the partly cloudy afternoon at the pool and beach and guzzled more tropical drinks at the lobby bar that night.

Lets start with the drinks. Oh, the drinks. No Bahama Mamma and Malibu Baybreezes and Sex on the beaches available in Punta Cana, instead there were plenty of Mai Tai’s, Tropical Breezes, Sex in the pool, Grasshoppers, Tequila Sunrises, and White Russians. And the deadly shot aka the only thing that would get you drunk at this resort – the Mamajuana. After guzzling several drinks throughout the day and evening, along with a few mysteriously green shots, we came to the conclusion that the alcohol bottles were watered down. I should have been on the floor, not feeling a tiny buzz. But it was still fun to get dressed up and go drinking with the girls in the evenings. The Grasshopper was a tasty green drink that reminded me of an alcoholic Shamrock Shake. It has mint liquor, creme liquor, and cream. I ordered Baileys on the side most nights and added that too it. One night I went overboard on the White Russians, made out with a guy from Quebec City at the “bonche” or disco, and woke up with a semi hangover.


And then we get to Day number three. In the below picture you can see my legs are quite burned, and after dinner we went to the beach party where we danced, limboed, and played games in the sand. I started feeling sore, achy, and very tired and almost a little sick, so I headed back to the room fairly early. IMG_1346

Once I returned to the room and started changing into my PJ’s, this little guy gave me a fright:

The next morning I woke up with my wrists, legs and feet swollen up like balloons and these mysterious bubbles popping up over my legs. I felt large and full of fluid, and my legs were pounding like they had a heartbeat. I told Chelsea that I felt like Harry Potter’s evil Aunt Myrtle who he cast a spell on and blew up like a balloon and she floated away. 20130330-103025.jpg


The bubbles kept forming and some eventually popped, and oozed everywhere. It was so painfully sore and unpleasant. I was so disgusted by my own body. Thankfully Nurse Meg was there to take care of me, and went to work finding Neosporin and ripped up T-shirts from a group of vacationers that we met who were also Nurses. They took a look at me and had never seen anything like it before. I was a zoo animal at the resort, known around the place as the girl with the bubbles and the burns. The front desk did not even have a first aid kit to help me out. Meg wrapped up my legs in the old t-shirts so that we could travel home without me oozing body fluids everywhere. The plus side was that I got wheel-chaired through the Punta Cana airport and we got to skip many of the lines! 20130330-103101.jpg

Once I got home, Mum was waiting for me with gauze, bandages, a big burger, and my favorite bottle of wine. I had never in my life been so happy to be home. And so grateful for America with their wine and burgers and first aid amenities. We went to the hospital the next day and they confirmed that it was in fact second degree burns caused by the Naproxen subscription that I was taking. Whoops.

I flaked like crazy all week, leaving skin flake tracks everywhere I went. I have been living in sweatpants since everything else rubs uncomfortably. I cant wait for my skin to heal and grow back and my life to return to normal. I have been running through the healing process, although it has been painful. I escaped to Vermont for the Easter weekend to hibernate with my family and hopefully regrow all of my skin back before this next week of classes.


It has been a beautiful day in VT today! My skin is feeling better, just itchy, and I suffered through a 10 mile long training run, in preparation for both the NYC Half Marathon in 2 weeks and the RnR Nashville coming up in a month. It was a tough run between the Vermont hills, the wind resistance, my stomach troubles, and my out-of-shape-ness. But the hard runs make all of the other runs more enjoyable right? Average pace was 8:43, so next time I need to slow down! My long run goal pace is supposed to be around 9:14.



This is my last weekend up at this cottage, and I am going to miss it. It is so picturesque on gorgeous days like today when the sun is shining. We went for a family hike this afternoon, and are getting up early to get in a good morning of skiing tomorrow. 20130330-130414.jpg

Back to school tomorrow for another fun week of classes…. and then Colorado on Friday for Breckenridge and skiing at Copper Mountain! I will post a meal plan tomorrow, although it wont be to extensive. This April is going to be crazy with all of the traveling I am going to be doing. May is busy as well, but thats what keeps life interesting right? I also want to post about my potential plan to compete in the Rock n’ Roll Montreal Marathon in September and hopefully train hard enough to use it as a Boston Qualifier. I will be in Toronto this summer, so it will only be about 5 hours away. But between training for the triathlon, biking, and my love for lifting and wanting to do CrossFit, that might be complicated! Why must I want to do so much… and to be injured again would not be fun. But running Boston is a huge dream of mine. Much to think about! Enjoy the weekend 🙂


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