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Washington, D.C. Tour and RnR USA Half Marathon Recap

Hello! Long time no update. I had a whirlwind of a Spring Break, full of extreme ups and downs. Let me fill you in on the first part, our trip to tour Washington D.C and run the Rock n’ Roll USA Half Marathon!

After a long morning of traveling on planes, trains, and automobiles, we finally arrived in D.C, checked into our hotel, and went out to tour the city! First stop was the White House, and I was shocked at how tiny and unimpressive it looked upon first glance. 20130330-094307.jpg


Next we strolled along the National Mall where all of the museums are located, and miles of beautiful grass space. We ended up at the Capital at the end of the Mall. Doofuses —->


Doh. I love my family. What goofballs.


After the Mall we went to the RnR Expo for the race to pick up our race packets. It was crowded, and we (sketchily) saw two of the bloggers that Steph and I follow and I (awkwardly) approached one of them and we got a pic together! I am so awkward and act like a doofus when meeting new, important people. 20130330-094335.jpg

Steph ended up doing the full marathon, and I dropped down to the half because of my hip injury. But I am happy to report, that I had absolutely ZERO hip pain throughout the whole race! I was so happily surprised and confused. But because of this injury and because it was Steph’s first full marathon, we both went into this race with zero time goals and a point to make it fun. And we most certainly did. I should bring my camera on races more often! We snapped some pics at the beginning, and for the rest of the race I just enjoyed being around a thousand other running-obsessed individuals such as myself and the opportunity to run through such a historic city.



RnR USA Half Marathon official time: 1:54:12. Not my best time by far, but I had a great time and was just thankful to get through the race feeling good without any hip pain. I ran the first 3 miles with Steph, who had a pace goal of 10 min miles, so we ran pretty slow. After I left her at mile 3, I gradually began to pic up the pace as I realized how good I was feeling, and my last couple miles were around 8 min miles. I am hoping to challenge my PR at the More/Fitness Women’s Half Marathon in NYC in 2 weeks!

After we were showered and re-hydrated, we had a special destination in mind. Crumbs Cupcakery. Rows and rows of beautiful, rich cupcakes. I went with the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cupcake, and Steph had Red Velvet. Mine was eh, the cake part was kind of dry. I had serious cupcake envy over Stephs Red Velvet cupcake.



We met my parents for happy hour and celebrated with Mango Mojitos, and then big, juicy burgers at dinner followed by that large piece of chocolate cake. We had to fork wrestle with Mum over every last crumb. Perfect day of running and eating.




The next morning I met my adorable, matching parents for a quick jog out to the Lincoln Memorial to say hello, and then we quickly showered up to catch our plane ride home.


20130330-094634.jpgAll in all i was an amazing weekend full of family and bonding time with my best friend, yummy foods and treats, amazing sights and the opportunity to run through such a beautiful city. I loved Washington, D.C and could see myself loving to live there in a few years. Chicago is also giving it a run for its money though….

So that was the UP part of my Spring Break. Post number two will fill you in on all of the gory details of the second part of my spring break, so stay tuned….


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