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Hi! I’m Brittani and welcome to Run, Whine, n’ Dine. This is me -> I am Canadian but I live in the small, cute town of Simsbury, CT. I am a senior at the University of Connecticut, studying Real Estate & Urban Economics. I will be graduating in May, and received an offer for one of my dream jobs as a Financial Analyst at GE! However my passion, hobby and future career (in my second life) is nutrition & dietetics. I am an exercise fanatic and a nutrition nerd, and someday hope to become a personal trainer as a side job. I am also a total foodie. I started reading health & fitness blogs about two years ago and finally decided to give my own a try. I have a lot to learn about blogging, so bear with me as I document my weird food habits and training for my first marathon! 🙂 A little about me:

I am a proud Canadian.


I reallyyy like to cook, and am obsessed with finding new recipes and food combinations.





I also love to eat, probably more than I like to cook.

I also love ice coffee, pugs, recipes, fruit, my bike, traveling, reading (about running), Canada, wine, skiing, peanut butter, weight lifting, the beach, cooking, running running running and more running. I have run 9 half marathons and am currently training for my first full marathon in March in Washington DC!

I have been bit by the traveling bug, and have been fortunate enough to travel to a lot of major cities, such as Chicago, Boston, NYC, Los Angeles, Toronto, Philadelphia, Montreal, Denver, Washington, D.C, Paris, and Spain. A backpacking trip to Europe is a plan in progress…






My first half marathon in June of 2011:

The anniversary of my first race, Amica IronHorse in Simsbury in June of 2012:

My most recent half marathon, the ING Hartford where I PR’ed with a time of 1:43:11!



I love to strength train and because of this I like to think I’m strong and have lots of muscles….

My family is awesome and I am closer to my parents than any normal 2o year old should be. Most of our extended family lives in Canada, but we have each other and together we have a great time. On any given weekend you can find us kayaking, lifting at the gym, out on our road bikes, skiing in Vermont, or drinking wine. Preferably sauvignon blanc. Or doing all of the above.


So that is me! I hope you enjoy following along on my journey of becoming a blog master and quitting school to become a full time blogger of health, fitness and nutrition. Only joking but that would be awesome. Honestly, this blog will probably be a little bit of everything, but considering that 95% of my thoughts are about running and food, I will be writing about running and food. So please follow along with my random thoughts and training to master 26.2! (Boston qualifying time anyone??)


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