Courthouse O’Putnam 5k Race Recap

Hi! I know that you are dying to know how my 5k race went today, but before I tell you, you must sit through the recap of my weekend! Another night, another bar, I know, I know. But Cleo came up to visit so it was special. I love her so much. Working at the liquor store and all, she has quite the taste in drinks. Friday night, she brought us strawberry liquor, creme de coco, and strawberry ice cream, which we combined in a blender and made the creamiest strawberry daiquiris that I have ever laid lips upon. Holy creamy berry goodness. I also had my obligatory kissed caramel apple martini, Sauvignon Blanc, a rum and coke since we had fajitas for dinner, beer at the bar (which never normally happens, true sign I was wasted) a tequila shot, and a random shot that that bartender named the “Britt-Burster” because I told him to make us something girly, fruity, and strong. Tasted like an amazing star-bust explosion in your mouth. It was a good night, but drinking that much always leads me to weird random binge eating disorders, and that night was no exception. I came home and housed about 11.3 tablespoons of almond butter and 2.8 tablespoons of maple peanut butter. No idea why. I just felt like it. Stomach was twisting and churning ALL DAY yesterday. woof. Almond butter hiatus for me this week please. Why oh why do I make those drunk decisions… im over it now. Needless to say, I did NOT go out last night. Stephy and I enjoyed a Target shopping trip, Subway, and the movies. We saw Silver Linings Playbook and it was the perfect chill night.



I love these ladies so much. In the morning we went to the amazing Wooden Spoon. I so badly wanted to crave pancakes, and was planning on housing them all week, but with a tummy full of said nut butters, it just was not happening. I ordered the omelette special because it sounded good and I knew I needed something in my stomach. It had tomatoes, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, and feta. Deeeelish. Of course upon seeing food my appetite came back full force, so I also stole bites of Cleo and Steph’s blueberry pancakes and DELICIOUS banana, pineapple, pecan-coconut pancakes —–>MUST RECREATE (note to self.)20130310-163311.jpg

Another pic from the night that I found that I have to post, because it has two of my favorite things in it: Canada and Cleo. Perfect flag positioning. 20130310-163335.jpg

So the race! Courthouse O’Putnam 5k: 24:08 with an average pace of 7:46. Not too shabby for taking it easy and testing out my hip. If I had not been injured, oh man there would have been fire in my pants and I would have blown my age division out of the water for sure. I ended up getting 4th in the division, and Becca got 3rd, which is AWESOME cause it was her first 5k and she got a really cool beer mug, the same one that I got last year that has been sitting on my shelf collecting dust ever since. But that is besides the point. I am beyond thrilled that my hip felt okay!!! (as i knock on wood). It felt tight, and I ran sans music and garmin so that I could closely monitor it the whole time, but it never turned into a raging ache and pulling sensation, even when I ran up the hills.

I think this means that I can run the RnR D.C Half Marathon this weekend at least!!  I think this running hiatus has probably given my body some well deserved rest also. I have been thinking it over, and I am not sure if a marathon is in the cards for me in my future. I kind of like focusing on lifting and strength training, while still being able to do runs of 4-7 miles during the week for cardio and relaxation and mental purposes. I still want to do a long run on the weekends, but probably only from 8-12 miles, nothing too serious. I think that may become my new tactic. And I am going to ease into it slowwwwllyyy. I am not running again until Wednesday. Tomorrow I have another PT session, so I will see what David recommends. I like this new plan. I am beginning to realize that I would rather have small, short and sweet amounts of running in my life rather than no amounts at all. And if giving up the risk of hurting my body through marathon training to have that, it is what I am willing to sacrifice. And that is a great and fulfilling feeling. Thanks for listening to my sappy serenade.

We celebrated the race with bananas and green mint soy iced lattes, in celebration of St. Pattys. 20130310-163348.jpg

Steph was the adorable race volunteer directing traffic and waving everyone on by the 3rd mile marker. She rocked it. Check out that flashy traffic guard vest. 20130310-193532.jpg


This post is already seriously way too lengthy, but since its Sunday, you know what that means….

Whats For Dinner? Week of 3/10: (holy cow how is it march 10th already…)

Sunday: Sweet Potato Gnocchi and Cinnamon Apples (–>just housed that holy yum)

Monday: Pulled Salsa Chicken Quesadillas

Tuesday: Steph’s Garlic Pasta on Spaghetti Squash

Wednesday: Pesto Spaghetti Squash w/ Chicken Sausage

Thursday: HOME



Easy week of meal planning once again! My grocery bill was under 30 bucks… that never happens.

One last note: Cleo and I are ALL BOOKED for our trip to EUROPE!!! Officially purchased one-way flights to London, leaving on October 1st. Our plan is to travel the world and somehow make it home around November 5th. It is going to be an epic 22nd birthday. I cannot wait for what the rest of this year has in store for me. 2013 is shaping into being one of the best and most exciting years of my little 22 year old life.


Water Works Weekend & A Tasty Burger

Helloooo. So lets talk about this weekend. It was a really weird weekend for me. Some tears were shed, some inter-looking was done, some (emphasis on the some) family time was enjoyed. This was a roller coaster of emotions weekend for me. Its weird, I am usually a happy person, who doesn’t let the little things get to me. But this weekend I just could not seem to keep it together. I kept unraveling at every bad feeling. You know those kinds of days? But today is Monday and its a new week, with new things to be happy about and new things to look forward to.

Saturday I went to the physical therapist to get my hip evaluated and was told some pretty bad news. I strained my hip flexor, and he was not optimistic about my chances of running a marathon in two weeks. I struggled (emotionally) walking out of that place. I am going to go to regular PT sessions this week so that they can stretch and strengthen and work on it, because right now it is just healed scar tissue that is tight and gets irritated when I try to run. Sunday morning I attempted a 3 mile run and felt pain a mile in, so I know that I am not ready yet. I am just praying that these next two weeks of recovery will allow me to at least run the half marathon in D.C. I am not going to give up hope just yet.

On a happier note, Punta Cana is so close!! I finally went bathing suit shopping. Mum and I hit up the Pink store and Aerie, and I got two new cute bathing suits that actually fit! Here is the one from Pink:


Another plus of the weekend —> reconnected with my baby girl Ellie! I brought her back to school with me and couldn’t be happier. She is so much lighter and fun to drive than the Escape, which felt like a tank. She is so shiny and gorgeous. 20130303-201523.jpg

After my disastrous run on Sunday, I got on the spin bike to get out some pent up anxiety and stress and felt much better. Thank god I can still swim, spin, and lift. When I got back to the apartment Steph and I made our speciality: Turkey Burgers. We have been on a bunless kick, since we have been feeling so bloated from carbs lately. Plus, it is easier to pile on toppings when you eat it with a fork! They were delicious. I had mine with goat cheese, roasted red peppers and avocado, on a leaf lettuce wrap. I also sautéed some brussels sprouts in some coconut oil for the side dish. —> I bought coconut oil last weekend at Trader Joe’s because it has been blowing up around the blog world, and it is sooo yummy to sauté veggies and sweet potatoes in! A tasty, coconutty tropical flavor. 20130303-201530.jpgSince I slacked yesterday, here is the meal plan for this week! I am actually around all weekend this coming weekend, and need to get some serious work done while also making sure to have a little fun! And get things together for Punta Cana!!

Whats for Dinner? Week of 3/3:

Sunday: Turkey Burgers and Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Monday: Pesto Mozzarella Tomato Paninis

Tuesday: Sun-dried tomato, Olive, Mozzarella Pizza

Wednesday: Sarah is making me dinner 🙂

Thursday: Greek Salmon Burger, Roasted Cauliflower

Friday: Salsa Crockpot Chicken for Tacos

Saturday: Sweet Potato Gnocchi

I will be sure to post pics of all my yummy meals! This week sounds like a tasty one 😉 I have a review session for my exam, a PT appointment, and trip to the gym on the agenda for today. Have a good Monday!

Drowning in Hyannis

Hello! Last time we spoke I was off to Hyannis to attempt to run the Hyannis Half Marathon. Well, attempt failed. I ran 3 miles of the race and felt hip flexor pain, so ambled around a little and attempted a run-walk method to see if it would fade. No luck. So, I turned around and tromped back like a fish swimming upstream to the starting line. It was freezing cold and pouring down rain, and a nice race volunteer lady gave me a lift back to the starting line. She was currently in the middle of her training for the Boston Marathon, her 21st!! Marathon! Unbelievable. Hopefully that will be me someday.

IMG_2271I am trying so hard not to be bummed out about my hip and let it get to me. I need to keep my chin up and do my best to make it heal this week. I am taking a week off from running, with plenty of icing, stretching, and foam rolling. I can lift, spin, and swim to help keep me sane. Cross-training is great and fun and will keep my physical fitness up, but nothing beats a rewarding and beautiful early morning run and the endorphin rush it gives me. Yesterday I honestly felt like a drug addict coming down from an addiction, I was craving my endorphin fix and slowly crashing. Luckily spin filled it this morning, but I almost feel like it is only a temporary fix. Like nothing else can satisfy it but a fresh, crisp run. Spring is in the air though, and once I am healed I will be able to enjoy the joys of running in shorts and a tank top, outside, in the sun and snow-free roads. I am praying, PRAYING, that I am healed for the RnR D.C Marathon in 3 WEEKS! And last night Steph and I signed up for the More/Fitness Women’s Half Marathon in Central Park on April 14th, whoops. What can I say, we have an addiction. To that and Yankee Candles. More motivation to heal.

Of course, no trip to the cape is complete without the obligatory stop at Mary Lou’s. Peanut Butter Wonderful Iced Coffee, and I bought some Mocha Mint ground to make at home.

IMG_2277And we stopped at Trader Joe’s…. that right there is reason enough to go to the Cape. Stocked up on all the goods like yummy bread loafs, almond milk, sun-dried tomatoes, and fresh produce! Check out our stacked fruit bowl:


Whats for Dinner? Week of 2/24:

Sunday: Panera on the way home from Hyannis

Monday: Buffalo Chicken Pizza —>finally!

Tuesday: Greek Salmon Burger, Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Wednesday: Max Downtown in Hartford

Thursday: Herb Crusted Tilapia, Quinoa

Friday: Casino 😉

Saturday: HOME!

Again, its another busy week and not a lot of cooking. My old GE bosses are coming to UConn to do interviews on Wednesday, and are taking me and the other old intern out for dinner. I am feeling a steak in my future. Friday Sarah and I are going on a hot date to the Casino, and then the rest of the weekend I am going to spend at home. I have been weirdly homesick, and miss my puppies. It is hard to believe it is almost March, where is my life going? Everything is flying by, and I need to keep reminding myself to stop and breathe, and take it all in. You know where I am really going to stop and sniff the roses? Or rather, the salty-sweet sea air? In PUNTA CANA. IN 3 WEEKS. I can feel the sun roasting my skin now. Can’t Wait! And with that thought, I leave you. Have a good Monday and start the week off on the right foot 😉

Sunday Catch Up

Its Sunday again… that means time to reorganize my life, attempt a long run, and meal plan!

Whats For Dinner? Week of 2/17 

Sunday: Crockpot Pulled Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Monday: Feta and Roasted Red Pepper Stuffed Turkey Burger, Eggplant Fries

Tuesday: Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Wednesday: Coconut Tilapia, Spinach Walnut Goat Cheese Salad

Thursday: Hummus Chicken, Sweet Potato Wedges

Friday: Steph’s Garlic and Tomato Pasta

Saturday: Olive Garden at Hyannis!!

PUNTA CANA COUNTDOWN: 29 DAYSSSSS!  Need to find a bathing suit, shorts that fit, and exercises to keep my abs in place haha. I am sooo excited. I have been yearning for summer and sun and sand in a bad way. This trip cannot come soon enough!

More pics from skiing: IMG_2217

IMG_2218And I have to share with you the amazing sushi and sangria dinner that Cleo, Steph and I feasted on last night, followed by way too many chocolates from the box that Cleo brought us for Valentines day. Trouble. But I dont regret it, it was an in-the-moment kind of thing. It had been a long, but fun day!



My run today was supposed to be 14 easy miles, but it was tough. It kind of makes me nervous, since I have  the Hyannis Half Marathon next weekend. My legs were hurting today, especially my right hip flexor. I am icing it now, and just hope its not something serious. I ended up doing 13 miles. It was also about 20 degrees with occasional fierce wind gusts, so I am just proud for getting it done. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right?

In other news, I just ordered the Jawbone UP fitness tracker, and I am really excited to share it with you guys. I cant wait for it to come and start tracking all my workout, food and sleep patterns!

Sunday Runday

Happy Superbowl Sunday! I was going to make pulled buffalo chicken for the occasion but I had Franks hot sauce on my egg sandwich this morning and it made my long run today 545433x less enjoyable because of it. I’m and idiot and apparently forgot that my stomach does not agree well with hot sauce and consuming it before an 18 mile run is probably NOT good idea…. NOTE TO SELF: no hot sauce before a long run.

I was priding myself on not drinking last night, getting to bed early, eating a healthy breakfast and drinking lots of water, all to prepare for this run. And all that was ruined with the hot sauce. But the run is done!

18.3 miles at 9:14 average pace, total time 2:49!!

New distance PR for me woo! This marathon is actually happening… I have faith!


And since it is Sunday…. meal plan day!

Whats for Dinner? Week of 2/3:

Sunday: Walnut, Goat Cheese, Sun dried tomato Spaghetti (with REAL pasta!)

Monday: Trader Joe’s trip with Sarah

Tuesday: Spaghetti Squash w/ olives and tomatoes

Wednesday: Tomatilla sala BEEF burgers with quinoa, avocado

Thursday: RE Society pasta buffet dinner

Friday: Boston maybe?? If not then BBQ Pulled Pork

Saturday: Pulled Crockpot Salsa Chicken Fajitas

Breakfast this morning: Fabulous egg sandwich


There is the evil hot sauce that I spoke of.

This is going to be a challenging and busy week for me. I have homework to keep up with, a social life to maintain, and an Argus Certification exam to pass on Friday. I am hoping that I can get through this week with a positive attitude! The last thing I want to do is start getting snappy and emotional. Friday I am hopefully heading to Boston with Cleo, which will be so much fun and a great end to the stressful week!

Not A Sleepy Sunday

Sarah’s suprise birthday party last night, was a big success! Adrian made an adorable and delicious strawberry yogurt-cream cheese frosted cake. Her big 21st birthday is tomorrow! The birthday girls:



Sleep in on Sundays? Who does that? Up and at em’ for an early morning date with Argus at Starbucks.

Marathon training: 16 miles (!!!!) completed. Stomach had nervous butterflies prior too, but it was successfully enjoyable. I am still surprised, and impressed. I am ready for this marathon!

Details: 16.59 miles, total time 2:26:05. Average pace 8:48!!

I don’t have a time goal for this marathon… just reallyyy want to finish semi-pain free and able to walk around D.C the next day. (Secretly I am wishing and hoping for a Boston qualifying time, but nobody has to know that)

Its Sunday – meal planning day! I went crazy on my grocery shopping last weekend (aka way over budget) so this week is all about using what I have and making it stretch.

Whats for Dinner? Week of 1/27

Sunday: Chicken Sausage, Spinach, and TJ’s Gnocchi (a favorite go-to!)

Monday: Crockpot Pesto Mozzarella Chicken, Butternut Squash

Tuesday: Roasted Peppercorn Pork Tenderloin, Quinoa salad

Wednesday: Pesto Salmon with Summer Squash and Peppers on Quinoa

Thursday: Sushi night with the ladies 🙂

Friday: Crockpot BBQ Pulled Pork

Saturday: Mushroom, Ricotta and Spinach Pizza

I am absolutely loving this Crockpot that Santa sent me for Christmas. I told my Mom, you know that your getting old when you start getting kitchen appliances for Christmas. That is a flying flag and red alarm right there. But its humorous, and im the proud owner of a fancy new crockpot.


I’ll be back later with a picture of tonight’s Gnocchi dish! Insta-grammed for your viewing pleasure.