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Goals & Resolutions

This page is a reflection, starting with my goals that I made in the summer of 2012, when I last revisited this blog (my first attempt at blogging was the beginning of this little gem in the summer of 2011).

2012 Resolutions.

  • Drink more water – check! 
  • Run 4 half marathons – check!
  • Run a marathon (work in progress)
  • PR in the half marathon – check!
  • Get an internship – check!
  • Give up white potatoes – check!
  • Weight 120 – check!
  • Start a Smug collection – check!
  • Red meat & pasta once a week – check!

Summer 2012 goals.

Context: Summer internship at GE in Albany, NY.

In no particular order:

  • Keep up with my training plan for the big 26.2 – (check! Training for Rock n’ Roll Marathon)
  • Get back into free weights and strenth training at school – (check!)
  • Enjoy my week vacation on the Cape – (check! – it was awesome)
  • Weigh 120 by the time fall semester begins – (4 pounds to go!) (check! currently at 118 actuallyyy)
  • Spend money wisely.. make it last  – (working on it? always a work in progress)
  • Apply to a GE leadership program – (check – and got it!!)
  • Plan something fun for my 21st birthday – (check – Rachel, drinks, it was great)
  • Go to Canada over Labor Day weekend – (check!)
  • Do a Warrior Dash – (work in progress)
  • Read Happiness at Home (any Happiness Project fans out there?) – (ehh will get there eventually)
  • Limit pasta and red meat intake to once a week – (check!)

2013 Resolutions.

  • Run a marathon 
  • PR in the half marathon —–> CHECK!
  • Swim
  • Ragnar Relay
  • Go abroad (London, Italy, Greece)
  • Summer internship —–> CHECK!
  • Compete in Triathlon
  • Give up packaged foods —>CHECK
  • Dark chocolate —> CHECK
  • Yoga once a week
  • Join a Crossfit box
  • Visit Toronto
  • Do one Pull-up

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